Community Outreach and Communication Action Team: Implemented and Plans HEAL PA's Lunch Hour Series

Bringing mental health conversations to the state of Pennsylvania

In collaboration with Collectively Rooted, HEAL PA is delighted to host a yearlong program with Maryann McEvoy, Executive Director of Governor Wolf’s Office of Advocacy and Reform and Child Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and an ensemble of renowned thinkers, authors, and presenters who work in the field of trauma recovery. These ongoing conversations focus on issues that are deeply relevant to Pennsylvania residents and will give our community space to reflect on, identify, and address the trauma in their lives and communities.

Live conversations will be scheduled monthly around lunchtime each day.

These events are free to attend for Pennsylvania residents. Recordings will be available for members. Anyone can be a member of at no cost to access this and other amazing resources!

For more information, visit the Community Outreach and Communication Action Team's tab at: