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    Criminal Justice Reform Action Team

    Creating clear communications and facilitating outreach opportunities in communities across the commonwealth. Serves as a support to all other action teams for their communication and outreach needs and should be composed of at least two to three communications professionals.

  • Achievements



    Team Development

    The Criminal Justice Reform Action Team is our largest team, having developed a variety of sub-committees focused on reforming the many components of our criminal justice system.


    Grassroots Mobilization

    In collaboration with the Community Outreach and Communications Action Team, the Criminal Justice Reform team has mobilized experts across the Commonwealth to develop over twenty grassroots trauma-informed coalitions!


    Criminal Justice Reform Report

    In the Fall of 2022, the Criminal Justice Reform Action team published it's first Report and Reccomendations.

  • What We Do

    Six committees collectively working toward a trauma-informed Pennsylvania Criminal Justice System

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    Criminal Justice Action Team's 2022 Report and Recommendations

    Comprised of the Policing, Courts, Probation & Parole, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Prevention Committees.


    Receiving the first-ever HEALING AWARD presented by HEAL PA and the Governor's Office of Advocacy and Reform.


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    Report and Recommendations