• Need Help Healing?

    There are supports near you, and we want to help you find them.

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    Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis?

    You are not alone! Call or text 988 or go to 988lifeline.org to be connected with support immediately. You matter, make the call so we can help you heal.

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    Struggling Just to Get By?

    Now, more than ever, so many of us are struggling to have our basic needs met! Wether you need to locate a local foodbank, secure supportive housing, find treatment for a substance use or mental health disorder, identify veteran resources near your home, or secure transportation assistance near you (the list goes on!)-visit PA 211 and let your community help you through the challenge you are facing.

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    Children Athlete Help Line

    Introducing the groundbreaking initiative by Childhelp - the Courage First Athlete Helpline, an invaluable addition to the National Child Abuse Hotline. With utmost dedication, their team stands prepared to offer unwavering support, recognizing the significance of cultivating a secure and nurturing space for athletes.

    It is imperative that we spread awareness about this vital resource, enabling us to continue championing the safety and empowerment of every child.


    Call or text: 1-888-279-1026 or visit Childhelp

  • Help for our Helpers

    Do you work in a helping field and feel overwhelmed at times? We'll share resources here that can help make your job a little easier!

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    Connect Our Kids

    Connect Our Kids is pioneering technology to find families, build connections, and create community for children in the foster care system. Like us, they believe every child, youth, and adult deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and they know this is possible when consistent, healthy connection and unconditional love is present. The best part, you can use their family finding tool and build connection profiles FOR FREE!

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    The Wounded Healer: The Pain and Joy of Caregiving

    The act of caregiving is physically exhausting and emotionally draining, yet caregivers describe it as rewarding and gratifying. Prolonged exposure to human suffering, however, is not without risks. The Wounded Healer is filled with poignant first-person stories and clinical case studies, it is an impassioned plea for psychosocial trauma care that prioritizes the health of both client and healer. Available online!

  • Kid Corner

    Need access to resources that support and empower children as they learn about how trauma impacts them and their community? Look no further! We will continuously add FREE resources here that are accessible for our children.

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    The Connections Matter Academy

    Co-created by HEAL PA's own Beth Tyson, Co-Chair of the Child Abuse Prevention Action Team, this series of you tube episodes helps children learn and understand the impact that trauma and adversity. Most importantly, it teaches our children different ways to cope with and heal from its effects.

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    iGeneration Youth

    At iGeneration Youth, kids can get connected, get experience, and GET PUBLISHED! At this innovation-centered media company, students get the encouragement and freedom to attempt a big idea. Through rigorous, hands-on training in media production and the business of journalism, our youth make connections with a global team of like-minded peers, get experience in the written and visual arts, and see their work published nationwide.

  • Health Care

    Support for you and your loved ones.

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    Providing Hope for Mesothelioma Patients

    For over 20 years, Mesothelioma Hope's caring team has helped mesothelioma patients and their loved ones, providing free mesothelioma resources about top treatments, specialists, financial assistance, and more.


    Mesothelioma Veterans Benefits  

    Occupational Asbestos Exposure 

    Caring for Someone with Mesothelioma 

    Benefits of Support Groups -