Racial and Communal Trauma Prevention Action Team: Preventing Radicalization Report and Project Proposal

Completed and is prepared for implementation during the 2023 calendar year

The initial project is to pilot programs in two areas of Pennsylvania that are hotspots for racial radicalization. In partnership with the Trust Network (TN), the Preventing Radicalization subcommittee of HEAL-PA will advance a whole-of-society method and trauma-and-violence-informed approach for preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) at individual and collective levels. The locations identified for this project are Pittsburgh (urban) and the Susquehanna Valley (rural), where the team is identifying key prevention partnerships with whom Trust Network will work as credible convenors. The committee’s goal is to develop localized frameworks to protect and promote cohesion and safety within the identified communities. Following these pilot programs, the team plans to reflect on and learn from the experience, modify if necessary, and then replicate this model in other at-risk communities.

To read the Report and Proposal, visit the Racial and Communal Trauma Team's tab: https://www.healpa.org/racial-and-communal-trauma-prev