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    Racial and Communal Trauma Prevention Action Team

    The Racial and Communal Trauma Prevention Action Team focuses on not only on healing the trauma of racism and discrimination, but also getting to the heart of what causes this behavior and working to prevent it.

  • Achievements



    Formation of Preventing Radicalization Sub-Committee

    The Racial and Communal Trauma team is proud to have engaged a variety of community partners and individuals with lived experience in it's initial two years through their Community Conversation events. Additionally, a sub-committee of experts dedicating to addressing radicalization in Pennsylvania


    Development of PA Report on Radicalization

    Data specific to radical groups within Pennsylvania was outlined and released in a Preventing Radicalization Outline, supporting the need for a comprehensive strategy to combat violent extremism through preventative means.


    Completion of Radicalization Prevention Project Proposal

    A Preventing Radicalization Report and Project Proposal was completed and is prepared for implementation during the 2023 calendar year.