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    Education Action Team

    The Education Action Team focuses on our education-based recommendations and supporting our early education settings, K-12 schools, and colleges to become trauma-informed and healing centered.

  • Achievements



    Trauma-Informed Schools

    The Education Action Team is proud to have completed a comprehensive rubric, available to all Pre-K through Higher Education entities, that outlines the steps necessary to Build Trauma-Informed School Communities.


    Training Support

    The Education team is proud to consist of multiple trauma experts who have dedicated their time and resources to the provision of trauma-informed educational training resources and supports, such as the Empowerment Through Common Language guide for PA schools.


    ACEs Posters

    The Education team, in collaboration with the Community Outreach and Communications Action Team has released a series of posters, free for use throughout Pennsylvania, that outline and support trauma-informed learning spaces.

  • Educational Poster Collection

    Expertly crafted by our Education Team, these comprehensive guides equip teachers with the necessary tools to identify symptoms of childhood trauma, establish safe and informed classroom environments, and implement effective trauma-informed techniques and practices.

    Posters are FREE for your download.